Show up at Bill's Trading Post & Gem Gallery

Currently I have a selection of 12 images on display at 2945 College Avenue in Berkeley CA. I’m sharing the gallery space with the talented Katie Dilley who is presenting a series of collages made from images primarily sourced from old National Geographic magazines mounted on wood panels and 2 large paintings.

I have one multiple exposure image up on the wall for anyone interested what those actually look like. It measures 20”x30” and is printed on duratrans, which is then backlit with LED’s. Much like a bus stop advert. The black and white is a collection of images, some of which i printed in a makeshift darkroom in the small-ass closet underneath my staircase before my 2nd son was born.

The opening reception was Saturday, March 30th. I’m terrible at promoting (obviously) nonetheless, my work is there in one of the best galleries in town and it’s likely to be the last show at that gallery before they close it down.